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About Us

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About Us

Welcome to Agarwal Academy, one of the finest and renowned home tutor providers in Delhi. We all know that good education is the base of the bright future of your children; hence our entire team is on a mission to provide quality and result-oriented tuition services to shape the future of students.

Agarwal Academy is a team of dedicated & highly qualified professionals working with a motive of providing best tutors to students at reasonable rates since 2004. We have the highest number of female tutors available for girl students in South Delhi. Today Agarwal Academy has become a reputed name in providing home tutors in South Delhi. Our maximum enquiry comes from references given by our previous students or their parents. Our popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of tutors are working with us and their hard work makes us feel proud when the results are declared. In previous years our tutors has helped many students to top their school. Our dedicated staff works round the clock to provide best guidance and tutors. Agarwal Academy is known for its honesty, commitment and dedication. We are always just a phone call away and every call of tutors and parents are addressed politely and promptly. Our tutors are soft spoken and always motivating. The relation of Parents, Tutors and Academy is like a family with one aim of getting best out of a child. Kindly give us a call for all your home tuition needs and we will arrange the best tutor for you.

Educational services we offer

The home tuition in Delhi provided by Agarwal Academy puts an end to your need of having well-qualified and reliable home tutors for your kids. We have collaborated with some of the most experienced subject matter experts so that your children get nothing but the best. You can find tutors according to the classes, subjects, and location on our platform.


Be it Mathematics or Science, Hindi or Economics- Agarwal Academy has got your child covered for all the different subjects. There is no subject for which you cannot find qualified tutors on our platform. From primary school subjects to university courses, we have expert tutors for all the different learning requirements of your children.


Tutors by subjects


Science: Our home tutors for science in South Delhi are experts in explaining even the toughest of concepts in a simple way, allowing your children to get a better hold over the subject.


Maths: Students often fear this subject as they find it to be difficult compared to the other subjects. All our home tutors for Maths in South Delhi follow a unique teaching method that simplifies all the maths concepts, making it easier for the children to understand.


Physics: Understanding the different laws and rules covered in the physics lessons may not be easy for everyone.  The home tutors for physics in South Delhi belonging to our academy are a pro at explaining concepts in a simplified way.


Chemistry: Concepts concerning atoms, molecules, and others need to be understood clearly by students; else it becomes impossible to understand the advanced lessons. Our home tutor for chemistry in South Delhi ensures that every concept is crystal clear to the students.


Accounts: This subject is not only about numbers. A lot of concepts, rules, and guidelines need to be understood to get a hold on the subject.  Our home tutors for accounts in South Delhi takes care of your children’s accounts learning requirements.


Economics: Understanding economics can be difficult if the same is not explained properly. Our expert economics home tutor ensures that all the topics are explained in an easy-to-understand manner so that the student never faces any problem with the subject.


English: Having a good hold on this language is immensely important. All the English tutors for South Delhi that we have possess a high level of experience in teaching English to over thousands of students. They aim to make their students proficient in the language.


Psychology: Psychology is an extremely difficult subject to understand. Only experts can help the students in understanding the concepts better. All the home tutors for Psychology in South Delhi that have partnered with us are subject matter experts that have been teaching students for years.


Home tutors for kids: There is a way to deal with kids; hence we have only selected home tutors for kids in South Delhi that have experience of teaching kids of all age groups. Apart from being the subject matter experts in their respective fields, the teachers are careful in dealing with the kids.


Our academy is ranked among the best organizations that provide home tutor services in Delhi. We cover a major part of South Delhi and many other locations too.

The best part about our educational services is that we have prepared and improved the knowledge level of students over the past years. Even the students who used to get average marks earlier have now started to get good grades. If you want your children to reach the top-level, then make sure that the right hands nurture them.