Agarwal Academy | Tutor_Rules
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Terms and Conditions of Tutors

  • You should make sure that you are comfortable with the assignment before taking the phone number of the student/parents.
  • Any assignment is not suitable for you should be returned back to academy immediately and should not be referred to any friend or relatives directly.
  • The trial class if approved by the parents will be paid by them if not it will be considered free.
  • Only one trial class of not more than one hour is to provided and further classes to be continued after confirming of receipt of payment by academy.
  • The trial class if approved by the parents will be paid by them if not it will be considered free.
  • After trial class do not fix the next class unless payment is received by the academy.
  • If any assignment (tuition) gets closed in between the balance payment if any has to be returned to the party(parents/student) without delay.
  • First payment will be collected by the academy in advance from the students/parents and will be paid to the tutor only when the classes are complete however part payment can be made for the classes completed if need arises.
  • Once the academy dues are cleared all payments thereafter are collected by the tutor.The academy is not responsible for payment once the tutor start collecting the payment himself/herself.
  • If the parents ask for any other tutor for any other subject for any other child do not refer any of your friends or relatives for teaching there information academy. Academy will send some tutor and you will be paid commission accordingly.
  • If you refer any assignment to academy you will get 25% of the amount received by academy.
  • No payment is done for referring a tutor to the academy.
  • Tutor are advised to kindly avoid unnecessary discussions over phone with academy as we have to keep phone lines free for the new assignments and also for the other tutors/parents.
  • Make all your calls between 10 AM to 8 PM and in urgent circumstances up to 10 PM. Do not call academy after 10 PM unless it is very urgent and cannot delayed.
  • Do not take any friend or relative along with you for classes.
  • If there is any change in your address and phone number you have to inform the academy immediately.
  • For monthly assignment if any class is missed by the student the same should be counted however if the student is out of station or sick for a long period say more then 5 days and same is informed to the tutor in advance the classes missed should be adjust.
  • In case of a new assignment if there is any class missed by the student without information to the tutor the same should be adjusted with a condition that the same should not be repeated by the student in future otherwise no class will be given in lieu and the missed class will be charged.
  • Do not use any harsh words while dealing with students and never discourages them always motivate and encourage them.
  • If you are getting late for any assignment you should kindly inform the parents/students if the delay time is more than 10 minutes.
  • The registration fees is no refundable if you once leave the academy due to any reason then you have to get re- register your self at the terms and conditions prevailing at that time.
  • You are advised not to take any eatables offered by the parents/students as the same will have a negative effect on your self respect.
  • You should be polite in your dealing with parents and students.
  • Do not discuss any personal details of parents/students/self while teaching.
  • Avoid the use of mobile phone while taking classes.
  • Always make entry in notebook of child and in your diary as per sample sheet enclosed.
  • Kindly do not point out faults/shortcomings of students of students and also of previous tutor if any.
  • Tutors are advised not to quote charges higher than what is been suggested/told by academy.
  • If the tutor quits the assignment after the payment is collected and before ten classes or one month as the case may be no payment will be made to tutor for the classes completed by him e.g. If the tutor accepts an assignment say @400/hr and academy has collected the advance fee for ten classes/hours and after five classes tutor quit the tuition due to his personal reason no payment will be made however if tuition is cancelled at any point of time payment as per ratio agreed will be paid without any deduction.
  • If a tutor cheats the academy i.e. any tuition given to him/her is finalized and payment is collected by tutor directly and no information is given to academy within 24 hrs of collection of payment then whenever it comes to notice of academy after few days/months/year the academy will charge four times commission otherwise the registration will be cancelled.
  • Academy will charge commission as mutually agreed at the time of registration.